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NHS Tummy Tuck Criteria

Will The NHS Pay For My Tummy Tuck?

Currently a Tummy Tuck is top of the most requested NHS cosmetic surgery list. However it is usually only available through the NHS in exceptional circumstances such as disease or serious disfigurement as it is classed as under "cosmetic" surgery and not "plastic" surgery.

Plastic surgery is classed as surgery that is used to primarily repair tissue or skin and restore it's function to as close as it was before illness or injury. Cosmetic surgery however is classed as surgery that is used to primarily improve a patients physical appearance which, according to the NHS, is what Tummy Tucks usually fall under.

It can possibly be offered to anyone who has lost a large amount of weight resulting in a vast and uncomfortable amount of excessive skin in the abdominal region or is suffering from any disease which causes the muscles in the mid stomach region to separate. An Abdominoplasty operation on the NHS will not usually be given in any other circumstances as it is not seen as being totally necessary surgery. A doctor will be required to give an assessment to decide if there is eligibility for the grant and then refer you to a hospital offering this surgery.

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Most health insurance companies also work to a similar criteria to that of the NHS when deciding on whether they pay for tummy tuck surgery or not. Due to the fact that they both use quite similar criteria to determine a patients eligibility then if the NHS refuse to fund your surgery then it is more than likely that the patients' insurance company will refuse as well.

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