Brazilian Tummy Tuck (Lipoabdominoplasty)

The Brazilian tummy tuck, invented by a Brazilian surgeon in 2008, is an advance on the traditional tummy tuck. The procedure is believed to be lower risk than the traditional tummy tuck, with faster recovery times. Additionally, it is said to have much better results. Patients are less at risk of numbness and wound infection and, because the operation removes the same amount of skin but doesn't leave spaces in the abdomen, fluid does not need to be removed through drains. The spaces are not created because the surgeon makes passages within the fat instead.

Is A Brazilian Tummy Tuck Right For Me?

This type of tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that removes large amounts of fat and abdominal skin, as well as tightening the abdominal wall. If it is required, there is also the option of raising the mons pubis. This type of operation is often popular with women who have had several pregnancies or who have lost a significant amount of weight. Having a Brazilian tummy tuck can reduce physical symptoms such as rashes due to sweat and any sores that have developed, as well as boosting a patient's confidence due to their improved appearance.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Brazilian tummy tucks have a much faster recovery time

On average, a Brazilian tummy tuck costs in the region of four and a half to six and a half thousand pounds. Because the Brazilian tummy tuck is a new type of procedure, there are fewer surgeons in the UK who offer it, making it harder to shop around in a bid to find the best deal. Some clinics will offer ways to spread the cost of the procedure such as buy now pay later deals or loans to cover the cost. These can reduce the cost to a more manageable monthly payment. However, unless you are able to access a 0% finance deal, then the overall cost will higher in the long run. It is possible to have this surgery abroad, which can often reduce the price of the procedure by up to half of UK costs.


Despite the risk of complications being significantly less than those which might arise with a traditional tummy tuck, the Brazilian tummy tuck is still a significant operation. It is carried out under general anaesthetic and, typically, the surgery lasts for around two and a half hours, after which the patient will need to stay in hospital for up to two days for monitoring. Once a patient has left hospital, they are usually advised to refrain from work for up to four weeks as they will be in some discomfort with abdominal bruising and post operation swelling. Returning to more vigorous activities such as sport may well take a while longer.

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