Smooth Tuck Slimming Procedure

What Is Smooth Tuck?

Brazilian tummy tucks have a much faster recovery time

Smooth Tuck is a cosmetic procedure that combines the advantages of a tummy tuck procedure with liposuction. Tummy tucks can not be successfully carried out on patients who still have weight to lose and if a patient needs to have liposuction to remove excess weight, a certain amount of recovery time is needed before he/she will be able to undergo the tummy tuck. Smooth Tuck allows for the patient to combine lipo and tummy tuck all-in-one. The technique was developed by Dr Matthew Schulman a cosmetic surgeon from New York. He did this in response to seeing patients who requested a tummy tuck procedure but were still too overweight to have one. So he invented a procedure that combines high-volume lipo of the abdomen and sides with the removal of loose and hanging skin. The recovery time and time needed in hospital is much less with Smooth Tuck as well. With Smooth Tuck patients need only take a week off work and can resume full normal activities after fourteen days whereas with a conventional tummy tuck patients would normally have to take fourteen days off work and could not resume their normal activities for at least another six-eight weeks, so the advantages are obvious.

The Procedure, Risks & Benefits

The smooth tuck procedure is similar to a tummy tuck but different in one crucial way - with a tummy tuck the muscles are tightened to increase the tightness of the skin. However if this is done while also doing liposuction, rapid bleeding and tissue damage can occur, which is why the two are always done separately. With Smooth Tuck, no muscle tightening is done, allowing for removal of excess weight as well as tightening of loose and saggy skin. There are risks involved with the procedure, mostly involving bad reaction to the anesthetic and wound infections. Generally speaking though, Smooth Tuck does not carry with it any major complications and the recovery time is much less than normal liposuction or tummy tuck. Effectively, the recovery time is cut by at least half, because you're recovering from just one procedure instead of two. It's important also, to make sure that you use a surgeon with a proven record and expertise in carrying out this procedure, as it is still relatively new.

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Cost Of Smooth Tuck

The cost of the procedure can depend on several factors. The area of the country where you are being treated will have an impact on price. Generally, the closer you are to the inner city the more expensive it will be. A Smooth Tuck operation is generally cheaper than a traditional abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), this is due to there being no muscle repair or muscle tightening involved, which makes the operation more complex. On average, the full Smooth Tuck procedure including fat removal will cost somewhere between £6000-£8000 in the UK. This might seem quite expensive, but it actualy works out cheaper than taking lipo and tummy tuck separately. It works out roughly £2000-£3000 cheaper than taking the two together. On average, around two to three litres of fat is removed in a Smooth Tuck. This is not possible in a traditional tummy tuck, where at most half a litre of fat can be removed. Most Smooth Tuck procedures take around two hours to complete and are performed under general anestheia.

Other Considerations With Smooth Tuck

As mentioned earlier, it is important to make sure that you choose the right surgeon for your treatment. Some practitioners will try to attract your custom by offering lower than normal prices. These are to be avoided, better to pay that little bit extra and ensure that you get the best treatment, than pay less and end up regretting it. And if something goes wrong with a procedure of this kind, the consequences can be disastrous. That's why it is always better to make sure that your surgeon is certified with the British registry of approved plastic surgeons before proceeding with your treatment. Hopefully you are now more aware of what is involved in the Smooth Tuck procedure.

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